Our purpose for Bodyboard Immersive Experiences is to be the creative connector for imagining the possibilities and crafting the practical, so you can share passionate storytelling.
We are trusted expertise for broadcast tv, visually-led entertainment and 360 degree immersive experiences.
Our promise is to produce smart solutions to entertaining problems and blend award-winning expertise and storytelling to create high impact immersive experiences. With our 30 plus years of broadcast, entertainment and digital expertise in production, operations and executive leadership.


We love sharing knowledge and insights. With our extensive industry experience and connections, we have unique perspectives across the Advanced Creative Industries. We research, learn, write and present conferences and events. Let us help you to succeed in this disrupted environment.


Our natural strength is our ability to connect in so many ways. Bridging the gaps between people and problems. Linking actions, skills and attitudes in people centric designs. Driving collaborative and creative storytelling, technology innovation and smart business change to deliver results that matter.


We have the techniques and effective approach to bring teams together in the broadcast, entertainment and education industries. Creativity shines when people combine to invent and thrive together. Whether it is innovation workshops, driving business change  or creative production, we can bring people together around a common result.


The Bodyboarders will give you access to an array of creative and business award winners.  Practical consultants, storytellers and producers. Combine the best to make the best visual entertainment for creating the best visual entertainment  and immersive experiences.


We love solving the complex puzzles of business challenges, creative desires or content needs. With some smart thinking and collaboration we can help stakeholders to imagine the possibilities and craft the practical solutions. Our simple goal is to support you in changing your business for the better.