Paul Whybrow


Winning in sports marketing

Written by Paul Whybrow As Aussies, we have a reputation of being passionate sports fans, with a love of diverse sports and a homegrown trust that […]

Creating Theme Park Fun

Written by Paul Whybrow A day at a theme park can be truly magical. A chance for family or friends to enjoy some fantasy and fun […]

What is demand creation?

Written by Paul Whybrow In the current climate of disruption, disruption and even more disruption, it is not surprising that those driving the products and services […]

Why economics is driving the TV ratings game

Written by Paul Whybrow Whenever you launch a new currency of measurement there will always be debate, fear and cries of unfairness: it’s totally natural. So […]

My 5 entertaining Bali takeaways!

I was invited to speak at the inaugural Asia, Australia and New Zealand Immerse in The Future Summitin Bali. The event was hosted by Tech Mahindra, […]

The magic behind the esport audiences – a survival guide for non gamers!

Written by Paul Whybrow Televising sports has become an amazingly successful programming genre for engaging audiences and leveraging advertising dollars to TV station businesses. With ever-escalating […]

Time for the yearly broadcasting Health check – the top 10 warning signs

Written by Paul Whybrow My first full day in Las Vegas and I took the long walk from my hotel to the very famous Welcome to Las […]

Is Virtual Reality the answer to fake news?

Written by Paul Whybrow Virtual reality is in the news almost daily it seems. From the latest game devices with VR capability, big sporting events showcasing virtual […]

5 Megatrends to save TV

Written by Paul Whybrow Amsterdam is famous for many things: its canals, amazing museums, bicycles and very open lifestyle; and every September, its attraction to nearly […]

21 years of future tech: What will really come true? Looking back to look forward

Written by Paul Whybrow My son has just celebrated that great milestone: his 21st birthday – Happy Birthday, son! As I sat down to write a […]

My personal Immersive experience – Virtual Reality coming soon!

Written by Paul Whybrow As the crowds of broadcast and technology professionals headed to see the latest and greatest at the first day of the NAB show in […]